Tribes Alive will be at COP26 in Glasgow.

Founder Emily Burridge will be giving a live performance of her stunning compositions ‘Into the Amazon’ and ‘Sisters of the Forest’, with a backdrop of indigenous women photographed by Sue Cunningham, on Monday 8th November at 2 pm, Tower Gallery South, Glasgow Science Centre. It will be streamed live on the COP26 YouTube Channel. More information can be found here: Into the Amazon COP26 Presentation.

Into The Amazon Album Cover

During the event we will be promoting our short video ‘TOGETHER Against Climate Change’ which brings the voices of the Indigenous Peoples of the Xingu River basin to COP26. They make a powerful case for why they must be involved; they demand that international leaders at the UNFCCC event finally listen to the message they have been relaying from their ancestors and shamans for decades; that the planet is in danger from the greed of our corporate economies.

Indigenous people occupy just 25% of the land, yet they protect 80% of the Earth’s precious biodiversity. They are incontrovertibly the guardians of our planet’s natural riches, of its future. But for them, the natural world is not theirs; instead they see themselves as an integral part of nature itself.

Today, some Indigenous People have university degrees and responsible positions. They have been forced to engage with mainstream education systems in order to be taken seriously. They are teachers, nurses, lawyers, senators in the National Congress, councillors in local government, film makers, musicians, sportsmen and government advisers. But they are still Indigenous People; they retain the values, the cultures and the relationship with the wild environment handed down from their forefathers. And that makes them different – and it means they have a different viewpoint, equally valid – actually far more valid – than the greedy, wasteful, divisive and uncaring world that most of us inhabit.

We should abandon our arrogance and listen. Our capitalist system is broken. It must be strengthened to embrace the radical changes which are now essential to avoid the chaos and destruction which even 1.5 degrees of warming will bring. Business law must put annual reporting of environmental and social performance on an equal footing with financial reporting. Voluntary, tagged-on environmental and social statements cannot and will not deliver the essential change in corporate culture which is necessary if we are to head off the looming disaster. The same rigour must be applied to the analysis and reporting of environmental, climate and social performance as are at present reserved for finance.